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10 Intimate Acts That Don't Involve Penetration

10 Intimate Acts That Don't Involve Penetration

There are a plethora of reasons why you may not be participating in penetrative acts with your partner.  Vaginismus, Erectile Dysfunction, recent childbirth are just a few. Or perhaps you are hoping to build up your sexual energy and trust with a partner. Here are 20 intimate acts that don't involve penetration.

      1. Bathing each other. Use your body to lather the soap on their body and make sure there are lots of bubbles.
      2. Massages are always fun. Use a great smelling massage oil. Bonus points if it is edible. Extra bonus points if it is a candle massage oil. Heat play is always fun. 
      3. Kunyaza: Use your penis (dildo) to rhythmically arouse the clitoris. Movements vary but a sliding motion is key. Use plenty of oil. 
      4. Read erotic stories to one another. 
      5. Masturbate facing each other/ right next to each other. This is also a great way to learn about what turns each other on.You can switch things up by touching each other while masturbating. Use our Rose Toy while doing so!
      6. Oral sex. If engaging in oral sex with a woman make sure to pay special attention to the clit. If engaging with oral sex with a man use lots of spit, both hands, and lick/massage the perineum a bit. 
      7. Play with your partner's hair. Head rubs are soooo calming but they can also cause a rush through your entire body.
      8. BDSM Play.  Watch BDSM videos and point out things you would like to try. Flogging, Sensory deprivation, and voyeurism can all be explored without penetration. 
      9. Watching standup comedy with one another can help build laughs and friendship.
      10. Cuddle naked. Play fight. Winner gets to become the small spoon. 

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