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Praise Kink Explained + 20 Phrases to Satisfy Your Praise Kink

Praise Kink Explained + 20 Phrases to Satisfy Your Praise Kink
What is a Praise Kink ?

Someone with a “praise kink” becomes aroused when they are given positive affirmations, compliments, confirmation, and appraisal from their partner about their appearance, behavior, or personality during intimacy. 

Praise kink is considered to be the softer side of BDSM and is usually practiced between a dominant partner and a sub partner. It can be a mutually beneficial experience for both dominant  and sub partners. 

Physical examples of Praise Kink can be affirmations combined with a kiss on the forehead, rubbing a partner's head, or "petting". 

Examples of  Praise Kink Phrases include:

  • Good girl/boy.
  • I'm proud of you, x
  • Look at you
  • You’re doing so good.
  • You're about to make me cum princess
  • Such a sweet boy/girl
  • Say my name angel, I love when you say my name
  • You're so pretty/fine
  • How are you so thick/wet
  • This p*ssy/dick is all yours
  • Damn baby you're talented/amazing
  • You're so good to me
  • That's my (pet name)
  • You feel so good
  • It's okay baby/ (especially close to orgasm)
  • You can do it baby, just a little deeper/more 
  • Damn you look so beautiful right now
  • The way you're riding me is driving me crazy
  • You're so good at licking my p*ssy/sucking my d*ck, f*cking me
  • Now be good and X

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