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28 Day Sensuality & Self Love Challenge

28 Day Sensuality & Self  Love Challenge
Gorgeous Brown SKin woman with red lipstick and natural coiled hair falling on her shouler. Draped in a red and violet blue shawl like royalty.

Pleasure is a birthright.

How are you cultivating pleasure within your life? Some only celebrate themselves on their birthday. Some don't even do that. It's time for some tough love. You deserve more and you know it. Stop playing small. Remember the dreams you had when you were a child. Get back in touch with who you are at your core. 

It is the perfect time to fall in love with yourself.  

Grab your journal, some body oil, & let's begin our 28 Days of Sensuality & Self-Love!

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Journal: Do you deserve pleasure? Does your partner? What does that look like?


Journal: Have you ever experienced an orgasm? if not, read some of our tips on how to orgasm.


Activity: Buy a new piece of lingerie that shows off your best assets. 


Journal: What parts of your body make you feel most sexy?


Activity: Buy a new vibrator or charge up old faithful.


Journal: Write a Haiku about how gorgeous you are.


Activity: Oil your body & do nude yoga (alone or with a partner)


Journal: Name 2 women you admire. What traits do you admire & how can you incorporate them into your life. 


Make or buy your favorite dessert. 

DAY 10

Activity: Take a sexy photo of yourself. Admire  it alone or send to a partner. Hit those angles!

DAY  11

Activity: Take a hot bubble bath with burning candles, light music & incense.

DAY 12

Journal for 15 minutes about anything. 

DAY 13

Activity: Plan your dream Valentine's Day (solo or with a partner)

DAY 14

 Treat yourself to the best VDAY ever or express your vision to your partner. 

DAY 15

Journal: List your accomplishments

DAY 16

Journal: List 6 goals that you have for yourself.

DAY 17

Activity: Dance to a song in the mirror that makes you feel sexy.

DAY 18

Activity: Buy yourself flowers.

DAY 19

Journal: Where will you travel when the Pandemic is over?

DAY 20

Dress up and be fabulous!

DAY 21

Take a break from social media 

DAY 22

Journal: Imagine reading a book about your life right now. What would you tell the main character to do next? 

DAY 23

Activity: Buy sexy smelling incense or candles.

DAY 24

Activity: Create Art. Any kind

DAY 25

Journal: Are you vocal about your boundaries?

DAY 26

Do Nothing. Treat yourself!

DAY 27

Journal : Create a morning and night routine. Make sure to include prayer, meditation, stretching, positive affirmations and a skincare routine. 

DAY 28

Journal: Write a letter to yourself at 90 years old. Are you making yourself proud? What are some of the things that future you would want you to be doing right now? 





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