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Female Orgasm: The Wonderful World of Squirting #SquirtingIsntPee

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Did you know that sexologists believe that all or most women can squirt. Many just don’t know it yet. Here’s a few tips on how to squirt: 

  1.  Drink lots of water before and after ( 8+ cups).

  2. Most women find it easiest to squirt from clitoral play. Choose a position that makes it easy for you or your partner to play with clit during penetration or cunnilingus.

  3. When playing with the clit apply different types of pressure on it. Your body will tell you which is what your favorite 🥳

  4. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you to squirt. It takes time and relaxation.

  5. Toys that vibrate directly on the clit or hit the G spot can get the job done fairly quickly. It’s fun to mix it up with your hands as well. Play with different levels of pressure.

  6. Increase foreplay. You should be very aroused before any penetration happens. If you partner doesn’t eat pussy, strongly think about blocking them.

  7. Nipple play, slight choking, or anal pressure during clit-focused cunnilingus or penetration is a magical experience 🪄. 

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