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11 Common Kinks & Fetishes to Explore

11 Common Kinks & Fetishes to Explore

Maybe your sex life is feeling stagnant  and you're looking to spice things up. Or maybe you've always been curious and finally worked up the courage to try something new. No matter the reason, it's quite normal for you to seek out new exciting things to explore. Studies shows that almost 40% of Americans have a sexual fetish. If you want to explore new things in the bedroom but you don't know where to start. Here are 15 common kinks and fetishes. 

1. Foot Fetish                                                                                            

Foot Fetishes are the most common fetish in America. You may want to explore a foot fetish if a pair of cute feet and nails catches your eye. One way to explore a foot fetish with your partner might be to spray perfume on your ankles and give a foot job with lots of lube.

2. Erotic humiliation 

Erotic humiliation is a consensual act at that involves humiliating a person during any type of sexual acts. You may want to explore erotic humiliation if you fantasize about being told to kiss your partner’s boots or hands on command. Others enjoy being put on a leash and walked in public. 

3. Rope Bondage

Rope bondage involves using rope to wrap, suspend, or restrain a person.  Shibari is a Japanese style of rope bondage that focuses more on the artistry of bondage. You may be interested in Rope Bondage if you enjoy rollercoasters and other intense activities. Uncovering Kink has a great video on rope bondage.

4. Voyeurism

Voyeurism is when someone enjoys watching others have sex or participate in intimate moments such as undressing. You may enjoy voyeurism if you enjoy people watching over engaging with people. Consensual voyeurism is key, as being a  Peeping Tom (non consensual voyeurism) is creepy and can rightfully land you in prison.

5. Nylon Fetish

People with a nylon fetish find pantyhose, fishnets, and stockings sexually stimulating. You may have a nylon fetish if you prefer having sex withyou or your partner wearing panties or fishnets because you love the way it looks and feels. If you enjoy pushing your panties to the side, our mesh one piece is the perfect freakum dress. 

6. Pregnancy Fetish

A pregnancy fetish is when someone has a sexual attraction to pregnant and lactating women. In 2014, “pregnant” was the 107th most popular porn search  And no, you won’t hurt the baby if you decide to indulge.  

7. Cuckolding                                                                                        Cuckolding is a fetish where you enjoy watching your partner have sex with someone else. You may have this fetish if you enjoy power play and dynamics.

8. Exhibitionism                                                                                Exhibitionism is a kink where a person enjoys being watched during sex acts or nakedness. You may enjoy this kink if you enjoy putting on a show.

9. Praise Kink                                                                                         Someone with a praise kink becomes aroused when they are given positive affirmations, compliments, confirmation, and appraisal from their partner about their appearance, behavior, or personality. You may want to explore praise kinks if someone saying, “good girl/good boy” turns you on. 

10. Financial Domination                                                                        Financial domination or FinDom, is an interesting kink where the submissives give money and gifts to their domme/dom. Usually submissives use harsh language towards their subs. Lots of people may enjoy FinDom but be careful as there are lots of scams within the online community.


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