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Honey & Dates | Halal Sensual Wellness Products

Honey & Dates | Halal Sensual Wellness Products

Welcome to Honey & Dates, a collection of  Halal Sensual and Reproductive Wellness products designed for married couples. 

Islam protects the rights of wives and their husbands. Wanting to satisfy the sexual appetite of one's spouses and oneself is legitimate and actually recommended. 

Prophet Muhammad Subhanahu wa ta'ala said, "Three people are cruel: .....a person who has sex with his wife before foreplay" (Wasa'il, vol. 14, p. 40.)

This is a reminder that foreplay and tenderness should be a part of lovemaking within Muslim marriages :)


Incense Bakhoor Burner| Perfect for Frankincense & myrrh, Arabic Incense, Electrical incense burner


African Incense | Thiouraye |Bakhoor | Sensual Seductive Sweet smelling


Incense | Bakhoor | Sensual Seductive Sweet smelling


Magical Kitty Cat | Vaginal Dryness | Female Libido Boosting Supplement for Females | Slippery Elm | Aphrodisiac


Male Libido Booster | The Everlasting Eggplant | Supports Male Strength & Endurance


Eyelash Growth Serum Plus Under Eye Oil - Castor Oil


Goddess Blooming Flower Toy | Sucking Flower | Tracey’s Dog


Hormonal Support | Vitex/chasteberry , Dong Quai


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