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Practicing Mindfulness During Sex

Practicing Mindfulness During Sex

Keeping up with an ever-growing to-do list, while trying to remain sane can be a  difficult endeavor. Sometimes we find ourselves struggling to make time for intimacy. And when we do have moments of intimacy, it may be hard to focus on pleasure because of a restless mind. 

It's important to practice mindfulness during sex. 

How to Practice Mindfulness During Sex

1. Use all Your Senses

Here's a quick mindfulness exercise. The next time you have partnered or solo sex, utilize all 5 senses. How does the room smell? How do you and your partner smell? Burn some seductive smelling  incense to set the mood. 

How does your partner taste? Some find oral sex more pleasurable with edible lube. Use your tongue to find that special spot.

Now focus on how your partner is touching you. How does it make you feel? Do you prefer soft touches or harder touches? Experiment with fuzzy handcuffs, hot candle wax, or feathers.

Watch it go in and out. Press record if you're feeling creative. Play soft music or simply listen to the sounds your partner makes. Which sounds make you feel wanted or turned on?

2. Focus on Breathing

The best way to relax is to breathe. Breathing helps to calm our nervous system and regulate our emotions.

Breathing increases blood flow throughout the body, including our genitals. Increased blood flow is essential for erections, and is the reason why the labia and clitoris swell when aroused. 

Synchronized breathing is a great technique for pleasurable sex. Join your partner in Inhaling and exhale at the same time. Try this technique while making eye contact

3. Less Stress

Stress is the arch nemesis to good sex. It's also very unhealthy. Brainstorm ways to decrease your stress. That may mean getting your groceries delivered, hiring a tutor for your child so that you don't have to relearn 5th grade math, or finally signing up for therapy. 

light skinned biracial woman with black afro laying down with closed eyes, wearing a white shirt with black dots

4. Have Fun

Don't take yourself so seriously. Don't be afraid to laugh when you start to queef during doggystyle. Give and receive a lap dance.  Play sexy Truth or Dare or throw around some sex dice. 





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